Info about 'Instrumental Retrospective'

Instrumental Retrospective is currently out of print.

'Instrumental Retrospective' is a compilation of my favorite instrumental works up to, but not including, Invisible Symphony. It includes new recordings as well as remasters of old tunes. The entire project (including new recordings, remasters, and compilation) were done in 2004.

Credits: Steve Unruh - Steel-string & classical guitars, acoustic & electric violins, electric bass, flute, drumkit, misc. percussion, and vocal "la da da." Kirk Scott - guitar on 'Walt's Blues' and 'Melody of Broken Lies.' Kevin Kehrberg - upright bass on 'Walt's Blues' and 'Melody of Broken Lies.' All pieces composed, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Steve.
1. Blue Gypsy Overture (re-recorded 2004)
2. Leaving Spain (remastered 2004)
3. Impression (previously unreleased, remastered 2004)
4. Lotusí Land (remastered 2004)
5. Intro/Rainsong (remastered 2004)
6. Guitar Piece (for Ena) (new recording, 2004)
7. Waltís Blues (remastered 2004)
8. Melody of Broken Lies (remastered 2004)
9. Improvisation in Red (remastered 2004)

Can you imagine?! I've made so many of these flipping independent albums that I'm up to making a compilation?! Anyway... not much was done to the tracks from 'The Beginning of a New Day' (Lotus' Land) and the 2004 remaster of 'Two Little Awakenings' (Intro/Rainsong & Improvisation in Red), both of which I thought sounded quite good already. However, there is a radical improvement in the sound quality of the two tracks from 'Egeria Jazz Trio' (Walt's Blues and Melody of Broken Lies). Blue Gypsy Overture, originally released on 'Sign of Saturn,' gets the full studio treatment with a completely new recording. Impression (recorded during the 'Two Little Awakenings' sessions, but not on the album) gets remastered and finally finds its way in hi-fi to CD. Guitar Piece (for Ena) is a new recording of a classical guitar solo I wrote back in the mid '90s. Leaving Spain, the instrumental track from 'Believe' was edited just a tad (to lift it out of the continuous Believe suite) and remastered to settle in the mix with the other tunes on this disc.