Rarities/Unreleased Material

Two Little Awakenings original 2-CD edition: Originally in 2001, I released Two Little Awakenings as a 2-CD set. But I always had this nagging feeling that the album was incoherent and wandering, despite containing some of my best material. Finally, in 2005, I totally re-vamped the album to a 75-minute single-disc edition, and also did lots of work remixing and remastering. The result paid off, as Mark Hughes from DPRP.net gave it a 9+/10 (which, until their review of 2007's "The Great Divide") was the highest score I had ever received from this very trustworthy site. However, despite its wandering nature, I suppose the original 2-CD set is probably the #1 collectors item in my catalog - especially the REALLY low-run original hand-made batch which are all numbered and include a little section of "Resolution" which I later cut out. (You can tell if you've got one of these because Resolution is listed with a length of 34:46.)

Instrumental Retrospective: This was a low-run batch of CDs with hand-made covers. It's out of print now, but information can still be found here.

The Nameless Ones - Demo Tape #1: (A full album.) This recording really has some nice character to it. Unfortunately, I hadn't learned to sing yet! I sound a bit like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull minus talent (no, I'm NOT dissing Tull). Nevertheless, Laura's performances are typically superb. Don't try to get a copy of this... it's a great souvenir for me, but embarassing enough that if I see your copy, I'll probably steal it.

The Nameless Ones - Demo Tape #2: (A full album.) Ditto from the first demo tape. You'd think I'd learn from hearing myself, but no, my voice still sounds like crap. Laura's great again. Kansa's Sky makes a lame debut on this tape, along with one of my favorite tunes of all time, Laura's "In My Hypocrisy."

Bethel College Fine Arts Festival 1995 Mother's Day Concert: (A full album.) Apparently, I got recorded while playing with an orchestra. No, not "Symphonic Music of Steve," I played percussion. I think. Or violin, I can't remember. But I do know exactly where all the triangle dings appear in Smetana's Moldau, so I was probably playing it.

Steve Unruh - (Mostly) Solo Classical Guitar: (A short album.) This was a little CD I recorded myself back around 1999, the motivation being to use it as a Christmas present for my cousin, who loves classical guitar recordings. Not to be confused with the (far superior) Classical Guitar EP from 2005, available for free download here.

Notomorow: (A short album.) An excellently-recorded CD with some amazing ideas and tracks that was intended as a demo for record companies. I was hired as the studio drummer, and soon joined the band. Once again, this became a story of the band breaking up before anything could happen. I never did figure out what happened with the group dynamics there, but I did remain good friends with the main songwriter. There's still a little hope for this group, but the leader off and became the CEO of 2 companies simultaneously, so I don't think it's really a priority right now.

Hmmm... anything else? Oh yeah, unreleased stuff...

Six November Days: A thoroughly depressing mini-epic I wrote between writing Believe? and B.O.N.D. Poetic though it is, it's not of the standard I expect musically, so I don't think I'll release it... at least not in its current form. So far, there's only a 4-track demo version.

Egeria Jazz Trio - 1997 3-tune Demo: It's us playing Santana's "Moonflower," Blue Bossa, and something else which I forget, maybe St. Thomas? I recorded it in my house so we could get gigs with it. More than anything, I think it was an excuse to play with Kirk. Oh, and we're not talking "modern Steve" sound quality. It's one of those things where you have to listen "through" the mix!

Jazz Mutants Unused Takes: Several tunes from the Mutants album, most of which were fatally flawed in some respect (guitar out of tune, etc.). There is a really neat take of "Tiny Bear's Waltz," though, which was tough to cut from the album. But hey, you can only use one take of any given tune unless you're the Dayfly 4!

Demo Tapes of Believe? and B.O.N.D.: There's no way these are ever getting released, except maybe part one of the Believe? demo. They're like the albums, only not very good...

Music for Ena: (A short album.) Imagine me in my most depressed state ever (for a good reason, but don't ask...) I pull myself out of my chair and away from my beer(s) to record a mini-album in about a week, for the purpose of sending to Angela (see the bio page). It had lots of neat instrumental music on it, including the original version of "Lotus' Land," but damned if I can't find the masters to half of it. Oh, well. May it live in your imagination - it probably sounds better there than in reality, anyway.

Mandolinsong, take 2: Ron Tozier asked me back to try some new recording ideas 6 months or so after recording Sign of Saturn. I felt, at the time, that it had superior sound quality to the S.O.S. version, but it's been 5 years since I heard it, so who knows. Anyway, it's out there, somewhere.

Saladmander/Dayfly 4 Live: Kevin Gaeddert and Tim Buller (a mutual friend) have some old live shows that Tim recorded. Tim does a pretty good job with these things, and there are some pretty hilarious moments, as the group was always humorous live (sometimes intentionally...). I don't know if we'll ever be organized enough to compile the best moments into one listenable collection, however.

Unreleased Solo Material: There's a ton of this stuff floating about my place. I've got something like 40 songs I haven't released. Realistically, maybe 20 of the songs are any good. But, there are lots of gems like "Searching for the Day," "Fairview," and the like (nobody but me knows what I'm talking about now), which I plan to record and give the full treatment eventually. I just don't feel like it yet. Maybe next year.

Well, that's all I can think of now.

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