Free Sampler CD Download 2010!

Available bundled as a single Zip file. Right-click download here for the Entire album as a single Zip file. Or, available as individual mp3 files below...

1. The Ocean (mp3) (5:31) [From the solo album, 'Challenging Gravity']
2. A Wish (mp3) (6:38) [From the solo album, 'The Great Divide']
3. Reincarnation (mp3) (5:50) [From RESISTOR's self-titled album]
4. Mimosa (mp3) (16:04) [From RESISTOR's album, 'Rise']


Click here for cover art printing instructions.

Simple Instructions: Download all tracks. (Windows users - right-click, save target as...) Burn them in numbered order to a music CDR, using the "disc-at-once" option (to avoid those annoying gaps between songs). Download the artwork pdf files. Follow the printer instructions here. (Other versions of Acrobat have the same basic printing options, but look a little different.) Cut out, assemble, and voila... free CD.